Welcome to Speedway Angels. My name is Al Kozlowski I am a father of 5 Boys. This is how I came up with Speedway Angels and the concept behind our MISSION. 
   I am an avid Nascar follower. In 2005 I had the opportunity to Pit with Clint Bowyer in his AC Delco team. While at Nashville Superspeedway I had the opportunity to experience Victory Circle when Clint won. While in Victory Circle I remember looking around and noticing the lack of Children participation.
I remember noticing a large crowd of Adults acting like children, but no children enjoying this awesome atmosphere. After this, I started to pay close attention to the ages of the individuals that attended the races and it was very obvious that children attendance was lacking. Especially children with disabilities. 
I Love Nascar and still attend as much as I can. I am in fear that the sport will slowly die out without the next generation's participation. Because of this, I thought how can I assist in the longevity of the sport I enjoy. 
   I have a Nephew with Aspergers and we have attended many local races together and seeing the enjoyment on his face while at the race sparked the ideas that are included within Asphalt Angels Missions. I have heard and seen children with Disabilities and Terminally ill circumstances attending special events within Nascar but they are few and far between. We plan on changing this. 
   With the cooperation of the generously kind Nascar Community, we can do this. Many do not know about other organizations that exist to help others in many different ways. Many of these organizations have the ability to help millions but they do not advertise to let anyone know. If you want help you have to DIG to find it. We want to change this and make it easier for all that need assistance to be able to find these organizations. 
   Our mission is to provide information and enjoyment within everyone we meet. We want to educate the world about children with Disabilities and other organizations that care about them as much as we do. We are hoping that with cooperation from the many organizations in the world today we can accomplish our Missions. 
    I want to take this time to say thanks to my Nephew Brandon for being a large inspiration and driving force behind the conception of Speedway Angels. Without him and others with disabilities in the world, today imagine how boring this world would be.